Behringer System 100m

130 Dual VCA

Scope measurements

  • Yellow: source (220hz inv. saw from Roland 512)
  • Blue: vca-out low
  • Purple: vca-out high
  • Input to first vca. Both “sig-in” and “initial gain” controls fully opened (except on first triangle pic)

  1. Input on one mix channel
  2. Input on two mix channels
  3. Input on three mix channels
  4. Input on three mix channels, triangle
    • left picture: “initial gain” positioned just before clipping led (input & output about same RMS)
    • right picture: full open. Vertical scale of “high out” = 3V/div

Comparing Behringer 130 & Roland 530

  • Yellow: source (Roland 512)
  • Blue: Behringer 130 (high)
  • Purple: Roland 530 (out)
  • Input on two mix channels

Gain partly opened on both vca’s, just before clipping led lights

Gain fully opened (right pic zoomed; blue/purple moved downwards)

173 Quad Gate/Multiples

121 dual VCF